1. Over And Over

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Over And Over

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Lyrics written by Colby John
Featured vocals performed by Libby Hoover
Instrumental produced by Adamack


My Healer, Redeemer
Grace pours out
Over and Over again

My Savior, Creator
Love pours out
Over and Over again

::VERSE 1::
Over and over the same story plays out
we try to flip the script, even take a page out
look in the good book cuz we fear we near to breakdown
fallin' apart in the dark and your words we can't make out
So Lord I pray that you invade to wash away doubt
the shadows that surround me, create fear and make me afraid now
Your light is so bright that Your glory never fades out
if faith is by the sound of Your word, my hearing aid's loud
So speak Your truth, everday we engage in these fake pursuits with no clue,
we're deceived climbin a tree while tieing our noose
instead of seein the leaves fall that lead us down to the roots
of the issues that have produced all the self inflicting abuse
Wanna look like Arnie so bros are harming their bodies with juice
In this world its alarmin lil girls starting to seduce using they bodies
and those who choose to believe weeds all they need,
their hope is goin up in smoke, but He came to our rescue!


::VERSE 2::
I've always been crooked, I want to get this record straight
There were days my way of life was to fake a face then say a lie
I'd been blinded and binded up by my mistakes
I resented, wouldn't repent and God's grace wasted away
you ever been hurt so bad that the pain you could taste?
swallow ya pride turn hate and made ya heart burn and ache?
its the same thing that daughters with no fathers face
so they medicate by dating men twice thier age to fill in his place
I know that's not always the case,
that we carry while we being buried
face up in a cemetary of hate
our neighbors are haters whose behavior is fake
no ones waiting with patience; their foot off the brake
headin to crash and burn at the stake
need to wake up - we ain't sittin in a cinema
We livin in what would be present day Nineveh
this storm's strength is great, making these sails break
cuz where I come from, we run from You like the dude who the whale ate


My wounds are open
Im chokin back these tears
My will's been broken - Lord won't you come near

Your word is spoken
puts the hope back in my ears
Jesus has rose and Holy Spirit you are here