1. For Your Glory

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For Your Glory

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Written by Colby John & Sam Hickey
Featuring vocals performed by Jon-Michael Bontrager

Instrumental produced by JD Beatz


[Colby John]
Let me get a shout of praise!
Hands up all over this place!
Voices raised!
Give God the worship He craves, For this we have been made!
For He inhabits the praise of His people
and evil is scattered by the sound of His name, Don't be ashamed
Just close your eyes
Let go of the ties that keep you from freedom
Redeeming power is present to break the chains
keeping you dreaming for feeling,
but a life laid down for christ gives you meaning
we're singing, "Tear down the walls, Take it all, Let your Glory Fall!"

[Pre Chorus - Jon-Michael Bontrager]
Let your glory Fall.. on me.
Open up my eyes to see
that everything I am is yours
I am yours

Take my Life
Let it be a sacrifice
all for You and for Your glory, for Your glory